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Interior Design & Renovations In Edmonton

We welcomes you to explore innovative and functional home improvement and renovations solutions in Edmonton.

Whether you seek to renovate your kitchen and add more storage spaces, or you wish to undertake a basement renovation for a work-at-home office. Our experienced professionals can help actualize your vision with superior expertise and efficient project management.


Kitchen remodel in Edmonton stems from the options of the home owner.


We are EXPERTS in basement development in Edmonton.


Flooring is an element that can bring a dramatic transformation


A bathroom is one of the most crucial spaces in a home.

We Actualize Your Vision

As a family-owned and operated business, Colbo-Construction Ltd. has always been at the forefront of innovation and industry advancement. We have, however, held onto our traditional, family-oriented values of prioritizing the needs of our clients. Our courteous and friendly staff members strive to ensure a fruitful and creative collaboration that offers true value for money!
We strongly believe that a home renovation is a fabulous opportunity to channel a rejuvenating change that will enhance your life quality and make your living spaces more functional and pleasing. Our practices are aimed at advancing interior design in Edmonton with superior technological solutions and a savvy approach towards merging classic and contemporary trends. Our client-centric values and services allow superior satisfaction as we are meticulous about incorporating every significant and insignificant details of their vision. 

Quality Renovations in Edmonton

We have served our community with superior quality solutions and innovative interior design services in Edmonton. With over 20 years of experience, our team possesses a unique and specialized skill set that is driven by diversity, industry-savvy practices, and a dedication to maintain excellence. Over the years, we have catered to a wide array of clients from residential and commercial communities, and our portfolio instils great pride by recounting our achievements.

Each new project allows us to leave our mark of excellence in our community, and we cherish each opportunity to add value to the lifestyle of a new client. Our highly motivated and skilled interior experts add value and creativity to the vision of our clients to perfect their remodels with innovative solutions.

We strongly believe that renovations in Edmonton must be focused on enhancing comfort and functionality, alongside boosting the market value of the property. Our high-quality services and high-end remodelling solutions are focused on enhancing cosmetic integrity and structural appeal to bring out the best in your property.

Why Work with Us?

From drywall, carpet and flooring, to installing new hardware, remodeling the floor plan and adding more innovative storage solutions; we deliver excellence that adds value to your property and your lifestyle. Our practices, technological tools and high-end solutions are fully compliant with Canadian standards and regulations.

We ensure 100% compliance with mandated requirements, and our services are guided by strict quality controls, detailed inspections and efficient project management. Armed with 20 years of experience in commercial and residential renovations in Edmonton, we deliver affordable, timely and efficient remodeling solutions. We protect our team members, clients and their investment with various security protocols, preventive measures and a $5M liability insurance.