Kitchen Backsplash Edmonton

Once upon a time, kitchen backsplash designs were limited to vibrant ceramic tiles featuring fruits and vegetables, but today, such designs are a comical reminder of interior trends from the past. At Colbo-Construction, we strongly believe that a kitchen backsplash is an excellent element to infuse your kitchen with a vibrant burst of energy.
You can use the backsplash texture and design to alter the vibe of your kitchen or create a striking fusion by contrasting the colour against your walls and countertop design. We encourage our clients to explore a variety of materials, such as mirror, glass, and natural stones for an elegant and refined look.
Many clients who seek rustic and farmhouse-style accents tend to gravitate towards brick, wooden and even metal backsplash designs. There is an endless variety to explore in terms of textures, shapes, colour palettes and artful designs. Do you seek a traditional backsplash design, or perhaps, you prefer to create a sleek and stylish, contemporary statement?
Your preferences will define the thresholds of the variety that you can explore, and we are focused on introducing textures and designs that align with the client’s vision and preferences.

As one of the pioneers in quality kitchen renovations in Edmonton, we often feel that kitchen backsplash is a neglected element in planning a kitchen remodelling. We often encourage our clients to focus on redoing their kitchen backsplash, because this seemingly overlooked design element has the potential to transform the entire aura of the kitchen.
A sturdy and attractive backsplash is the cornerstone of the kitchen’s interior as it not only protects the walls and cooking area, but it also compliments the beauty of your countertops. So, when looking for the ideal kitchen backsplash designs, it is crucial to look for durability, functionality and beauty.Fk

Tile Backsplash Edmonton

Whether you seek to create a rustic and homely, countryside-inspired kitchen décor, or you gravitate towards a sleek, minimalist design; there is an abundance of materials and textures to explore in the right tile backsplash for your kitchen.
Tile backsplashes are affordable, functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions and an ideal choice for homeowners who enjoy change and experimenting with new design elements. Homeowners can explore a wide variety of designs and style variations in tile backsplashes, and each tile comes with various accessories and edge treatments.
Glazed ceramic tiles are extremely popular amongst our clients who seek affordability and superior functionality. They are incredibly easy to maintain and clean. Glazed ceramic tiles can also withstand water without getting damaged or withering away. Porcelain tiles are another popular choice that stands up well against water and offers timeless beauty with their artsy textures.

Glass & Stone Kitchen Backsplash

In recent years, homeowners are increasingly focused on incorporating unconventional and eclectic design elements that transform the vibe of their cosmetic appeal. Glass and stone kitchen backsplashes have rapidly risen in popularity, and this increased demand stems from their unique beauty and charismatic aura.
A glass backsplash may seem like a delicate beauty, but it allows immense durability and functionality. Unlike ceramics and porcelain, glass and stone backsplashes do not come with any high-maintenance needs or specific cleaning requirements.
Stone backsplashes are a popular element of bohemian home décor, and they emulate a rustic warmth that reminds one of the rural charms of the countryside. Ultimately, the choice you make depends on your design preferences and the aesthetic appeal that you seek to create.
Stone or glass backsplashes are a terrific idea to create an element of surprise in an otherwise immaculate and refined kitchen interior.