Bathroom Sink

Much like the kitchen island serves as a powerful anchor in the cosmetic design of a kitchen, a bathroom sink anchors the aesthetic appeal with its dominant presence. At Colbo-Construction Ltd., we strongly believe that the purpose of a sink is to flawlessly melt into the aesthetic vibe of the bathroom, provide endless utility, offer lasting durability and efficient storage spaces. Naturally, every client who walks into consultations over bathroom renovations in Edmonton has a distinctive vision for their bathroom and sink.
Our job is to grasp this vision and refine it by introducing recent innovations, trends and classic designs. Over the years, we have provided a wide array of bathroom sinks that complement the designs of residential and commercial bathrooms. Our experience has taught us that budget-conscious clients and luxury-focused clients have very different requirements when it comes to choosing the ideal bathroom sink.
You see, our budget-conscious and practical clients seek durable bathroom sinks that provide efficient storage solutions without taking up too much space. On the other hand, our luxury-conscious clients seek to explore surrealistic influences, vintage trends, antiquities or even sleek tones of modern minimalism.
Our interior specialists and remodelling experts specialize in designing bathroom sinks that transform the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom and add value and functionality. Do you seek a minimalist vessel sink with heavily patterned tile work and stainless-steel faucets?
Or perhaps, you have envisioned a countryside-inspired design with a massive bathroom sink that offers an elaborate display of rich mahogany wood cabinets?
Design preferences and inspirations reveal a great deal about the clients’ tastes and partialities, and we tap into these preferences to find the perfect inspirations for their bathroom sink. If you want to explore some unique and functional bathroom sink ideas, feel free to get in touch with our experts right away!

Pedestal Sink

Whenever our clients approach us with affordable ideas for quality bathroom renovations in Edmonton, a pedestal sink is always included in the proposed design inspirations. With the evolution of bathroom interiors and innovations, homeowners often believe that a pedestal sink is an outdated fixture that can plunge the entire bathroom décor into chaos.
That doesn’t always have to be true. At Colbo-Construction, we firmly believe that all design elements can be constructed and remodelled in a manner that enhances their cosmetic beauty and functionality. We allow our clients to explore an abundance of exquisite designs in porcelain pedestal sinks, rare marbles, curved wood-like structures and much more.
Pedestal sinks are an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms, particularly the powder bathroom. If you’re worried that the design might conflict with your aesthetic vision, our experts can put your mind at ease with some compelling creative inspirations.

Wall Mounted Sink

There’s a common misconception amongst homeowners who do not keep up with designer home trends and luxury interior manuals: wall-mounted sinks are not limited to small bathroom spaces. Over the years, we have catered to countless residential and commercial clients who seek to make large bathroom spaces more expansive and spacious with minimalist and sleek fixtures.

Wall-mounted sinks fit flawlessly with minimalist décor and freestanding bathtubs. They are an excellent fixture to create an exquisite blend of ceramic and porcelain. At Colbo-Construction, we invite our clients to explore a charming variety of functional and aesthetically pleasing wall mounted sinks.

Do you seek a small-sized, classic wall mounted sink with rustic wooden shelving to sneak some efficient storage space into a small bathroom? Or perhaps, you want to explore the beauty of symmetry with rectangular or ovular wall mounted sink designs. There’s an endless variety of designs waiting to be explored; pick up the phone and book an appointment with our consultants right away!