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At Colbo-Construction Ltd., we are the most trusted and innovative experts for bathroom renovation in Edmonton.

We specialize in affordable and functional bathroom renovation in Edmonton that offer superior utility and add beauty to the cosmetic integrity of a property.

Our high-quality workmanship speaks volumes about our strict quality controls and efficient project management processes.

We regard ourselves as artists who possess years of valuable experience and a diverse skill set to add creativity and functionality to your bathroom remodelling project.

Edmonton Community

We are here to serve the Edmonton community with our innovative and creative solutions for bathroom renovation in Edmonton

If you’re eager to work on the bathroom remodel of your dreams, you’ve come to the right place.

Our creative experts and remodelling specialists can help you explore a wide range of trendy designs and practical ideas to improve your existing bathroom space.

We Understand

Each homeowner is different when it comes to bathroom usage and significance. While some homeowners seek to eliminate existing plumbing issues and add more storage spaces.

Each new bathroom remodelling project is an exciting challenge for our team as it allows us to encounter new strategies and gain experience from the creative process.

When you work with Colbo-Construction, you can expect strict quality controls, artistic excellence, superior affordability and no inconvenience whatsoever.

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The Bathroom Remodel of your Dreams

Are you planning an extensive overhaul, or some minor changes to make your bathroom space more spacious and functional? Either way, a bathroom remodel project is an exciting journey, and we are the ideal partners to collaborate on this creative project. To find out how it works, keep reading!

A bathroom is one of the most crucial spaces in a home, as it allows us to relax and wind up with a luxurious bubble bath after a long and exhausting day.

A well-structured and inviting bathroom is an integral part of our daily dressing up rituals, and for families with children, sometimes it is the only space where an adult can carve out a few moments of peace.

You may want to spruce up your powder room or alter the floor plan of your existing bathroom to add a lavish walk-in wardrobe.

There is an abundance of exciting ideas that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, make it more functional and boost the overall value of your property.

At Colbo-Construction Ltd., we are staunch supporters of starting over and starting fresh! Remodelling is a beautiful thing that allows us to pour new life into an ageing and outdated structure, and make our living spaces more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

How does it work?

At Colbo-Construction, we have amassed great recognition for our superior quality bathroom renovations in Edmonton. This recognition stems from our client-centric values and customer-focused processes, which ensure that the vision of the client is actualized in all its entirety; with a few creative enhancements from our side.
We have a streamlined and efficient remodelling process that allows the clients to perfect and assess the feasibility of their creative vision and finalize the ideas that they wish to implement in the remodelling process. When the project takes off, we bring in a wide array of technological solutions and safety measures to ensure efficiency, safety, superior damage controls, and timely completion.

Let's take a look at the process in more detail:

The magic begins with the creative consultations between our clients and our remodeling specialists. This is the first step that allows us to understand the vision of our clients and do some creative brainstorming. We help our clients understand the aspects and features that they wish to change in their current bathroom, and conjure up an image of their dream bathroom.

We take into account the elements of aesthetic beauty, comfort and luxury that are crucial for our clients’ needs, and then propose functional strategies to incorporate these elements into the remodel. Our remodeling specialists propose ideas and design elements that align with the clients’ vision and will enhance the market value of their property.

At Colbo-Construction, we are driven to making remodelling projects and bathroom renovations in Edmonton affordable. We intend to give back to our community by allowing homeowners to add value and beauty to their property without breaking the bank.
Once we grasp the preferences and vision of our clients, our experts seek out cost-effective remodelling solutions without compromising on quality and excellence. We prioritize superior quality raw materials, and our extensive network of suppliers and industry partners allows us to provide authentic materials and fixtures that alter the aesthetic appeal and age of our client’s property.

Maintaining efficiency and ensuring timely completion is one of our main priorities, and as we work out our project management details, we focus on effective timelining. As industry-renowned experts, we have cultivated a reputation for providing timely bathroom renovations in Edmonton. Naturally, maintaining this reputation requires unwavering dedication and meticulous attention to detail.
We believe in setting SMART goals and presenting our clients with a timeline that is realistic and achievable. If our client and their family or employees will remain on the premises during the project duration, we ensure that our processes do not cause inconvenience or deprive them of peace. We allocate substantial time for each process, such as electrical wiring, plumbing, cosmetic detailing and installing fixtures, etc.

Each project is unique and distinctive in its requirements and expectations, and we believe in delivering a personalized experience focused on actualizing the vision our client has entrusted us with. We strongly believe in maintaining transparency and keeping our clients in the loop throughout the process.
It is entirely possible for a homeowner to feel positive about certain design elements, and wake up the next morning with a completely different vision. We understand that the creative process can be erratic and exceptional, and therefore, we allow great flexibility when it comes to meeting our clients’ expectations.

If you’ve been planning a bathroom renovation for months but keep holding back due to budget constraints and apprehensions, now’s the time to get started. Get in touch with our team, and we will help you find the most ideally suited and affordable renovation ideas to transform your bathroom space!