Hardwood Flooring Installation

When it comes to flooring in Edmonton, both homeowners and commercial clients adore hardwood because of its timeless charm, its exquisitely refined appeal and lasting durability. Hardwood is always a favourite for us, and we like working with rich wooden textures because they add such dynamic versatility to the overall interior and aesthetic makeup.
At Colbo-Construction, we can help you explore local and exotic wooden varieties to set up a beautiful hardwood flooring arrangement. Do you want to work with exquisite strips of maple or oak wood? Or perhaps you are more interested in rich, mahogany tones of walnut woods? Many of our luxury-focused clients in Edmonton rejoice the more exotic hardwood varieties, such as purpleheart or Brazilian cherry. 

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Hardwood Flooring Installation In Edmonton by Colbo Contruction Ltd

Making the Right Choice

When it comes to hardwood tiles, there is an endless abundance of variety waiting to be explored. It can often be overwhelming for homeowners to navigate through such an extensive variety, which is why we introduce them to textures and wood species that closely align with their vision.

We help our clients procure both finished and unfinished hardwood flooring, and each has distinct advantages. If you are particular about the flooring plan and design, unfinished allows greater customization and personalization, however, the cost is greater as it will require sanding and finishing. On the other hand, high quality finished wood flooring offers greater affordability, less inconvenience and enhanced durability.

Whenever our clients invest in hardwood flooring, we strongly advise them to be mindful of the cleaning, repair and maintenance requirements. In recent years, many of our millennial and luxury-focused clients have exhibited an increased interest in reclaimed wood flooring, which has emerged as a prominent trend worldwide. 

Get in touch with our design experts and tell us your vision for the desired hardwood flooring for your basement or living room, etc. We’re always excited to work with solid wood! ​Flooring installation in Edmonton is a dynamic cosmetic element that can bring  a dramatic transformation.
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