Shower Systems

Shower systems are yet another bathroom fixtures that allow us to infuse our solutions for bathroom renovations in Edmonton with innovation and modernization. Allow us to reiterate that our core passion lies in our ability to reinvent not just your bathroom, but in fact, your lifestyle and life quality.
We firmly believe that bathrooms should be the most luxurious spaces in a house or a resort; offering a rich blend of luxury and spa-like comfort that allows the individual to unwind and relax. In recent years, there have been marked innovations in shower systems that allow superior water flow and pressure as well as add a powerful appeal to the bathroom aesthetics.
When designing shower systems, we probe our clients about their bathing preferences and décor tastes. For instance, do you mind a wet bathroom and prefer enclosed partitions with an efficient draining system? Or perhaps, do you enjoy an open shower space with a sleek minimalistic design?
We also love working with clients who seek to jazz up their bathroom and shower systems with quirky neon lights, sensor-activated shower valves and tech-savvy rainfall-like shower effects. At Colbo-Construction, we are passionate about delivering smart and practical technological solutions that can truly transform the way you take a shower.
Many of our clients seek affordable and functional solutions, and we are dedicated to helping them make the best of small spaces with practical and handy shower systems. Over the years, we have carved unique expertise in designing comfortable and luxurious shower systems for small bathroom spaces without overwhelming aesthetic appeal.
We understand that most homeowners seek a reasonable distance between their shower systems and the remaining bathroom space, and we have a plethora of solutions to refine their vision. 

We often encourage our clients to focus more on the utility of the fixtures they choose as opposed to dedicating more energies towards the cosmetic makeup of their bathroom renovations. 
You see, a bathroom renovation is an opportunity to change shower fixtures that are outdated and no longer provide the utility they seek. For instance, shower valves are an incredibly important fixture that requires various considerations. Instead of focusing too much on the design, we encourage our clients to prioritize the practicality of the fixture. 
Shower valves are not a fixture that can be changed easily, so keep in mind that the design you buy offers superior durability, tech-savvy utility and other preferences such as space-saving. Once the practical considerations have been considered, we encourage our clients to explore designs that blend well with their envisioned bathroom interior. 
We maintain our competitive edge as the pioneer experts for bathroom renovations in Edmonton by providing our clients out-of-the-box and distinctive designs. For instance, concealed shower valves are a fabulous fixture for a minimalistic bathroom, while an extensive shower panel with rainfall effects would work well with a spa-like décor.


Contrary to what most homeowners believe, adding a sauna is much easier than installing a new shower system as they come with no plumbing requirements whatsoever. What could be better than the opportunity to relax in the soothing ambience of a high-heat vented room in the comfort of your own home?
If you’re ready to invest in a luxurious sweat, Colbo Construction is the ideal partner to plan your remodelling project. When it comes to designing a home sauna, the ambience is everything because you want to make the space as relaxing and ambient as possible. We encourage our clients to play around with textures and materials that promote relaxation and provide a stimulating atmosphere.
Thanks to the countless innovations in heating and lighting technologies, there is an abundance of inspirations to explore for an idyllic home sauna setting. Our design specialists will be happy to walk you through some exciting ideas for a home sauna project.

Shower Jets

Yet another incredible fixture that can transform your bathing rituals with its spa-like luxury! Shower jets are incredibly popular amongst our tech-savvy clients who seek smart installations to innovate their lifestyles.
Do you seek to rejoice a rainfall-like concentrated splatter of water against your back as you hop into the bathroom for an early morning shower? A shower jet can truly transform your life by delivering the perfect blend of water pressure, temperature and an equalized flow.
If you’re very particular about your water flow and pressure requirements and believe that a bad shower can truly ruin your day, consider installing shower jets! They have a sleekly minimalist, masculine vibe, which makes them a strikingly popular choice for luxurious bachelor pads.