Kitchen Cabinets Installation

Cabinets are by far the most functional element of a well-designed kitchen as they allow every single item to be stored safely and efficiently. A kitchen that lacks cabinets or provides fewer, less spacious cabinets does not offer functionality. You see, storage spaces are essential to make a kitchen functional and decluttered.
Over the years, we have catered to countless clients who seek more cabinet to prevent their kitchen from flowing into other rooms around the house. Come to think of it, cabinets are a powerful design element that offers a dynamic anchoring appeal that can either blend into the overall design or creates an energetic pop of diversity!

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We have 20+ years of experience in kitchen renovation industry

Most of our clients come seeking efficient and functional storage solutions for their kitchen cabinets, and we introduce them to a wide array of ideas. There are numerous ways to sneak in cabinets without overwhelming the overall aesthetic appeal and cosmetic design of your kitchen. For instance, we can help you design slide-in cabinets, or pull-out cabinets that offer symmetrical design appeal with plenty of storage space.

Many homeowners seek to create a lavish and rich-toned wooden extravaganza with elaborate rows of cabinets and gold-brushed knobs. Being one of the most trusted experts for kitchen renovations in Edmonton, we are driven to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions. However, we never compromise on quality.

Our extensive network of suppliers, decorators, furniture experts, raw material providers, and other vendors allows us to skim the market for the lowest costs and the best, premium-grade quality. Do you want to transform your kitchen with the warmth of rich mahogany walnut wood, complemented with aged brass handles? Our design specialists can walk you through an abundance of charming and functional wooden cabinet ideas.

Durability is a very crucial and significant priority for our experts when designing kitchen cabinets. We specialize in providing lasting solutions that provide endless durability and superior functionality. But the scope of the design is always dominated by the vision of the client. We present ideas and inspirations that align with the client’s preferences and design requirements.

For clients who seek minimalism and a sleekly polished appeal, we introduce them to fine metals, exquisite glass varieties and ornamentation materials. Our design experts consider the lifestyle, preferences and aesthetic tastes of the client to help them make the right choice.

We firmly believe that the most basic and crucial function of kitchen cabinets is to declutter the kitchen and avoid clutter from flowing out of the kitchen. If your kitchen and other living spaces are constantly brimming with unwanted items that belong in the pantry or kitchen, you’re dealing with a lack of efficient storage spaces. Our experts can help you design premium quality kitchen cabinets in materials and designs that align with your vision for your newly renovated kitchen.

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Stock Kitchen Cabinets 

Stock kitchen cabinets are extremely popular amongst our clients here in Edmonton, and they resonate well with people who seek affordability, functionality and superior quality. Whenever our clients approach us for functional and budget-friendly cabinet renovations, we always advise them to explore design variations in stock kitchen cabinets.

Homeowners are often led to believe that stock kitchen cabinets are only available in a limited set of styles and colours. While that may have been true in the past, it is no longer the case. Today, you can easily explore a wide variety of elegantly textured, painted and even stained stock kitchen cabinets to compliment the aesthetic charm of your kitchen.

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At Colbo-Construction, we strongly believe that any and every design element or fixture can be infused with creativity, but the more crucial elements, such as durability and functionality, cannot be imitated or compromised. Stock kitchen cabinets make an excellent choice because of their timeless appeal and enhanced utility. They are highly popular amongst homeowners for the enhanced convenience and easy installation process, which further drives down the costs of undertaking kitchen renovations in Edmonton. Our experts can help you make the right choice that aligns well with your storage needs, kitchen colour palette and overall design.