Bathroom tiles

Choosing exquisite materials, incorporating vibrant colours and playing around with rich textures are elements that excite us the most while remodelling a bathroom. We are the best bathroom renovations experts in Edmonton because we genuinely love what we do, and bathroom tiles and floor designs are one of the processes that inspire real creativity.

You see, bathroom tiles set the tone of the overall appeal, and they allow homeowners to choose the elements and colour palettes that will garner spotlight in the entire theme. Whenever our clients approach us with the idea of a minimal change that could transform their entire bathroom, we have one answer: change your bathroom tiles.

It’s really that simple, changing the bathroom tiles and experimenting with refreshing colours, energetic textures and exquisite materials can truly transform a bathroom space without requiring a total remodel. Naturally, each client has a set idea and preferences about bathroom tiles when they walk into a collaboration with us. But we always encourage our clients to be open to ideas before they commit to their chosen bathroom tiles. 

Many of our clients are married to the vision of the glamorous, Hollywoodesque white marble tiles, while others seek to reinvent their shower with a bold and energetic pattern. Bathroom tiles will dominate the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom and its walls, so it’s crucial to decide on the kind of mood that you wish to create. 
We usually ask our clients if they wish to go with an all-white, airy and refreshing pattern, or if they seek to explore bold bathroom tiles that exude a sleekly polished vibe. We have an abundance of designer trends and creative inspirations that will help you find the right tiles for your bathroom. Our experts will walk you through various materials and textures, and help you understand their benefits and drawbacks so you can make an informed decision.

Ceramic and Porcelain tile

Tiles are an integral part of the design appeal, and they have a unique ability to transform the aesthetic makeup of any given space. However, when it comes to tiling a bathroom, one must take into account various factors, particularly functionality and durability.
Throughout our experience in bathroom renovations in Edmonton, many of our clients have demanded ceramic and porcelain tiles for their master and guest bathrooms. This demand for ceramic and porcelain tile stems from their striking glazed surface coating and enhanced durability.
We understand these preferences and provide our clients with superior quality ceramic and porcelain tiles, sourced from our vendors at highly affordable rates. As industry experts, we keep a keen eye on industry innovations and trends, allowing our clients access to cutting-edge solutions and high-end materials.
In recent years, porcelain tiles have undergone a series of striking innovations, and manufacturers are designing these tiles with various materials and textures. Ceramic tiles are popular amongst clients who seek a solid colour and a consistent pattern across all bathrooms.
However, for clients who have a flair for creativity and seek a juxtaposition of various textures and materials, we recommend porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles add a fabulous pattern to the bathroom, and they can be obtained in natural stone-like textures, such as marble, or even wood and wooden grains.
If you want to enjoy the texture of marble without going overboard on your budget or rejoice the rustic appeal of wood without tackling its vulnerability against water damages; porcelain tiles are a great choice.
Ceramic tiles offer a grander payoff of lasting durability, superior water-resistant, affordability and aesthetic charm. They have a classic appeal that blends well with all kinds of bathroom interiors, making the bathroom space functional with an illusion of spaciousness.