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Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

As seasoned experts in providing efficient solutions for tiles in Edmonton, we strongly recommend vinyl planks as an affordable, low-maintenance and resilient flooring choice. It offers dynamic resilience and flexibility, and the material is much softer and more comfortable than most hard and rigid wood varieties.
Constructed with a layer of polyvinyl chloride, more popularly known as PVC, vinyl may not be the most durable option, but it offers immense functionality. We always encourage our clients to look for variety, for instance, cushioned vinyl that features a thin layer of form offers a far more superior comfort and thickness. 

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Making the Right Choice

Many homeowners in Edmonton fail to explore the textures and choices that are available in vinyl flooring. For instance, you can explore textured surfaces that mimic the appearance of stone, marble or even polished wood. At Colbo Construction, our goal is to introduce our clients to substantial variety so they can make an informed and satisfying buying decision. Thanks to our extensive network across the home improvement market, we can help you procure high-quality vinyl planks at budget-friendly rates!
Again, as we explore variety, we come across various forms and distinctive types of vinyl flooring, which allows us to pick the right one to complement your lifestyle and traffic requirements. Peel-and-stick backed vinyl planks do not require any adhesives, while click-style vinyl planks can be glued into the surface.
If your house attracts heavy traffic, or you’re redoing the flooring for a room that attracts substantial moisture, vinyl planks offer a sturdy and durable choice. Excellent quality vinyl planks can last over two decades if you take proper care and regular maintenance. Even if there are damages, vinyl planks are fairly easy and cheap to replace.

If you seek to explore a variety of textures and gain more creative insight into your options with vinyl, feel free to get in touch with our design experts.
Flooring installation in Edmonton is a dynamic cosmetic element that can bring  a dramatic transformation.
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