Creative Consultations

The most significant step of the entire process, creative consultations allow us to understand the vision of our customers.

We never rush our customers through this process and carve out enough time to make sure that the client’s vision and design options are deeply understood by our team.

We offer numerous suggestions and improvements with strict creative brainstorming to best the client’s vision and decorate the value of their preferred options.

Kitchen remodel in Edmonton is now not about culinary upgrades because households in our community regard kitchens as essential social spaces.


Once the creative consultations have concluded, we put forward a cost-effective and affordable budget that takes into account all the preferences and requirements of the client. We seek to make kitchen remodelling in Edmonton affordable and cost-efficient so homeowners can undertake this endeavour comfortably without any financial burdens.
The budget stems from the client’s requirement for sourcing various materials and fixtures, for instance, walnut wood cabinets, ceramic islands and more. We never dissuade our clients from seeking out rare and precious materials but rather, we use our extensive supplier networks to help them find affordable and high-quality materials.

Project Management

At Colbo-Construction, we have cultivated a formidable reputation for ensuring timely completion with our highly efficient and strategically streamlined project management processes. We have a distinctive and highly strategized approach towards project management and we deploy various digital and technological tools to innovate our processes.
We firmly believe in setting SMART goals to provide our clients with a realistically achievable deadline, and allocating ample time to each aspect, be it plumbing, or designing the floor plan. We strongly oppose rushing through as kitchen remodelling projects require dedicated attention to ensure that the results are ageless, timeless and functional.