How Much is a Bathroom Renovation in Edmonton?

How Much is a Bathroom Renovation in Edmonton

A bathroom renovation is something that requires a lot of planning before finally going ahead with the actual renovation. There are a lot of factors to mull over and a lot of consultation to seek too. A bathroom renovation in Edmonton is one of the smartest choices a person can make since it completely revamps your lifestyle and also boosts the home’s overall value. It gets better, there are little to no limitations when it comes to bathroom renovations and you can even decide how to renovate it. Bathroom renovations are difficult and risky, which is why people consult and hire a professional interior design service.

The average cost for a bathroom renovation in Edmonton

The cost of a bathroom renovation in Edmonton is different for each household and it also comes down to what and how a person chooses to renovate their bathroom. However, despite prices affecting everybody differently, it’s been studied and proven numerous times that the average cost of bathroom renovations in the city of Edmonton is around $13,500. While pricing varies depending on a lot of factors, the average cost proves that residents in Edmonton usually pay around this price range for a bathroom renovation.

Factors affecting the renovation costs

Something that you’ll hear from anyone who’s renovated their bathroom is the amount of planning that goes into the process. Renovation work is a long process that requires a lot of time and energy and that’s why people plan out every single detail with a professional so the painstaking hours that go into the renovation turn out to be worth it. Many factors affect renovation costs in Edmonton –

Bathroom Size

One of the very first steps in a bathroom renovation is measuring the size of the bathroom, something that is usually done by a contractor. The size of the bathroom helps establish a lot of things like the timeline needed to complete the work, the quantity and type of equipment needed, and most importantly the cost of the renovation.


Plumbing is a laborious task and while people try to do it themselves to avoid paying extra, it’s important to hire a plumber and an electrician and they’re usually hired by the contractor. Plumbers and electricians can get the work done without causing any damage to the wiring, the plumbing system in Edmonton may confuse the general public, and that’s why it’s important to spend money on a plumbing service in Edmonton.

Shower Remodel

Shower remodelling is very common when it comes to bathroom renovations in Edmonton and while it may not be a necessity, large walk-in showers are popular these days and certainly improve the lifestyle. If the $5000-$15,000 price range seems too expensive, people can just opt for a more traditional shower remodel which can cost anywhere around $1000-$10,000.


This may or may not be necessary for every bathroom renovation and depends entirely on the scale of the renovation. Quite a few buildings in Edmonton require a permit for an entirely new bathroom and plumbing and electrical work requires a permit not just in Edmonton, but the whole of Edmonton and it can cost anywhere around $300-$2000.

Bathroom Installations in Edmonton and the costs they incur

A major part of a bathroom renovation is finalizing the decision regarding installations. This is entirely dependent on how much you want to revamp the bathroom. A lot of things in a bathroom may need renovating and it depends entirely on the person, people with antiquated installations may choose to add new and modern installations, some of these installations are –

Toilet Installation

Regardless of whether you choose to install a new toilet or replace it with a newer model, a plumbing or installation service in Edmonton can get it done safely and avoid any water damage. This usually costs up to $800 on average.

Sink Installation

The contractor usually comes up with great and durable options for sinks depending on the size of the bathroom, a lot of installation services in Edmonton also get requests for cabinet installations and factors like time, water supply and drainage pipelines get the cost to $400-$500.

Tile Installation

Tile installation involves the most work and also consumes the most amount of time compared to the other installations, it’s also comparatively pricier and can cost anywhere around $12,000-$15,000.

Types of Bathrooms and their costs

There are various types of bathrooms to suit different needs and there are a variety of bathrooms found in Edmonton, since a lot of people like to customize bathrooms to accommodate all their wishes, there are many types of bathrooms with varying costs –

Guest Bathroom

As the name suggests, a guest bathroom is to create a space where guests can easily access the bathroom and is usually located on the main floor near the living or dining room. It’s a comparatively simple process and that makes this an inexpensive option.


This is designed only for one person and it includes a toilet, sink, shower, and a small floor plan these bathrooms are characterized by all 3 fixtures being lined against the same wall to free up the floor space, although this is a customizable bathroom option. This is a good option for people with guest rooms and it’s also fairly inexpensive.

Full Bathroom

An affordable option since homes in Edmonton usually has at least one full bathroom, which is located near the bedrooms for convenience. They’re great for value and usually come with a shower, bathtub, vanity sink, and toilet.

Utility Bathroom

This is for the people who want to get the most out of their bathrooms. A utility bathroom blends bathroom designs with other things like laundry or a dressing room. These bathrooms however require a lot of space to be implemented and developed and are quite pricey compared to the other bathrooms mentioned earlier.

Master Bathroom

The most expensive bathroom has to be the master bathroom which focuses on space and luxury. The space is customized for the customer and usually includes features like a walk-in shower and a separate soaker tub. Despite the high price point of these bathrooms, they’re still quite in demand in Edmonton.


Edmonton-based residents have a lot to figure out when it comes to bathroom renovations since the options are limitless and the cost of it is entirely dependent on what you want out of your bathroom.

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