Wallpaper vs Paint

Wallpaper vs Paint

Home decor is a highly personal preference. Everyone’s tastes vary, and what is pretty and good-looking to one may not appeal to another. Home decor and styling incorporate a bunch of things, starting with wallpapers and wall paints. Some people prefer wallpapers, while others prefer paints in their homes. Though everyone has their reasons, there are specific pros and cons to each of these, and in this article, we will discuss just that.

Wallpaper and Paint comparison

Ever since their invention and mainstream usage became popular, people have always wondered whether it is better to get wallpapers or to get your walls painted. The usage of wallpapers, as well as paints, is very common in Canada, which is why people often need clarification, especially when they do not have a particular inclination. So if you, too, are battling with this decision, let’s try to make it a little simple.

Wallpapers are sticky sheets of printed paper that can be attached to your walls. The adhesive on these is specially formulated so that they stay stuck to the walls for years and decades. They come in a vast variety of options, whether you like solid colours or fun and cute prints. Wall Paints, on the other hand, are paints that are made from a unique concoction of chemicals and a colouring agent. These have existed universally for a longer time than wallpapers have. As technology has advanced, it has become convenient to get paints in a variety of colours that were not previously available. They also come in a variety of formulations that provide varied benefits of use.

Which one to choose?

If you have found yourself confused about whether you should opt for Paint or wallpaper, consider the following comparative factors to help in choosing the most suitable option:

Life and Durability

When it comes to understanding which option is better, wallpaper and Paint are almost on an equal footing since both of them have their good and bad aspects, which affect their durability. Primary among the many factors which impact the durability of either is the quality and maintenance of the product. Depending on its quality, wallpaper can last up to 15 years, making it a more durable option for wall decoration. On the other hand, when properly applied, high-quality Paint can endure for up to five years and would need to be retouched post this. Wallpaper, however, is not bulletproof. In fact, it is susceptible to tearing and damage, especially in homes with little children.

There is less of a risk in this manner if you use Paint. However, in locations with a lot of traffic and exposure to sunshine, Paint has a tendency to peel and fade. Because of this, your walls will need to be touched up about every three years. In the event of damage, your wallpaper will need to be removed and redone, which can take more time than repainting. However, lighter-coloured Paint could require retouching a little more frequently because flaws and cracks might be more noticeable.


Paints are always a cheaper alternative to wallpaper. So those on a budget should always opt for Paint. However, if you really want to use wallpaper, you could include it in a restricted manner. For instance, you could use wallpaper on just one wall, which you want to highlight while painting the other three walls of a room in a colour that complements the wallpaper.


Wallpapers are much more time-consuming to install. This is no secret. There is a lot of careful measuring, cutting, and sticking that goes into installing wallpaper to ensure that you do not get air bubbles on them. Additionally, the sheer size (length) of the wallpaper is quite extensive, making it basically a two-person job to install every single sheet you use. On the other hand, it can be completed quickly and can be done by one person alone (especially if there is time). With the availability of paint rollers, the job has become even more straightforward and quicker.

While installing either of these, there is a certain level of preparation that is required. Ordinarily, when installing wallpaper, there is not much preparation required other than ensuring that the walls are clean and free of any such contaminants which could hinder the glue from sticking properly to the wall. With Paint, however, you may have to take additional steps like filling any gaps, sanding the previous coats, or painting white before painting the colour you want (especially when transitioning from a dark colour to light).


No matter how frequently your wall paints are harmed, these little flaws can be easily hidden by repainting. You can complete this on your own and without the assistance of a professional. However, wallpaper can still peel or rip. Even the extra rolls of the original wallpaper do not match the wallpaper that has faded in natural light. Additionally, places with significant humidity, like your bathroom or kitchen, cannot under any circumstances be covered in wallpaper. Those that reside in a region that experiences a humid environment would not find wallpaper an appropriate choice. Because they have the propensity to keep moisture away from their surface, wall paints are appropriate for every room. Additionally, some hues and paints are appropriate for different climatic conditions.

Final Look:

One could use either wallpaper or paint to improve the aesthetic appeal of your properties in equally compelling ways. Both of these materials can offer tremendous versatility to suit your needs. Create gorgeous backgrounds for your furniture with textured paints or eye-catching patterned wallpaper. Similarly, you can add highlights to your walls by arranging these materials in specific shapes or adding design elements like arches, 3D geometric shapes, and much more. While many believe that digital prints offering wallpapers versatility of design are superior to paints, that is not the case. It is simply a matter of preference, and both can help lend a beautiful aesthetic appeal to your home equally. Their look can be further elevated by using suitable decor items and accessories such as sconces, lamps, wall decor, and other similar products.

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