What is the best time of year to renovate?

What's the best time of year to renovate

Renovating a house or any part of it is a significant undertaking both in terms of time and money. When investing so much time, effort, and money, you naturally want the best results as well. A very unexpected factor that can have an impact on how your renovations turn out is when you get them done. This means what weather or time of the year you choose to get them done or started. Believe it or not, climate can have a good and even bad impact on how the renovations turned out.

What is the best time to get Renovations?

Sadly, there isn’t just one right response to this query. Mainly because it depends upon which part of the house is supposed to be renovated and what kind of renovations you are looking at. In general, for those living in Canada, Winters are not a good time to get renovations done. Instead, Spring or Summer months need to be picked in order to get the renovation work completed smoothly. The harsh winters would lead to a dilly-dallying of the work each day as snowfall makes movement difficult. Additionally, the moisture from the snow would also hamper the progress of the renovations or compromise the quality. However, since summer and spring are so favoured, and winters are not, this is the time when you can get the renovation done for a cheaper cost.

Factors to consider

Kind of Renovation

What do you aim to achieve from the renovation job? Is it an extensive renovation or just a small project in a small area of the house? Are you trying to repair a worn-out region, or are you looking to have your house look more aesthetic? Do you want to include the latest trends in your home? These questions must be addressed to understand why exactly you want the renovation.

This will help you in deciding whether the renovations are urgent or they can be delayed. This will also help you in getting an idea of whether you are open to spending more on the renovations or would like to have a cheaper option as long as it does the job. Chances are, if you are one to keep up with the trends, you would be willing to spend more on the renovations as long as it yields the absolute best results. Whereas, if you have an urgent job, you will get it done irrespective of the weather or price (although you may prefer to get the cheapest option). Since Canadian winters are long and very severe, you can choose to delay the project till the warmer months in case of an aesthetic renovation project.


Home improvements and renovations are a monetarily hefty undertaking. As such, it is vital to assess your budgetary constraints. This would give you an estimate about what is the best foot forward for you. Getting in touch with renovation contractors and inquiring about the potential cost for your renovation needs would further clarify which season would be the best option for you to get the renovations done. It would also enlighten you on whether you should wait a little more and save more to get the renovations done in the summer. Alternatively, some renovations, like bathroom renovations, can be done during the winter as well for a cheaper cost without any significant impact on the quality of the outcome. If your renovation is such that the quality would remain similar irrespective of when it is done, then completing it in a cheaper season is always advised.

Which room is to be renovated

You would only sometimes be looking at an entire home renovation project. This very rarely occurs and is a huge deal financially as well. This is why people often take up one room at a time so that the financial burden comes only some at a time. Depending upon which room you are going to renovate, you can choose which season would be the best time to get the renovations done.

For instance, if you are renovating the exterior of your house, the obvious answer is to renovate when it is summer. Suppose you wish to build a deck or a pool or get some landscaping done; these projects require the absence of snow and moisture so that everything can be set in place perfectly. Thus, the summer season is perfect for these projects. You can get started on these renovations in mid or end-spring to make the most out of the summer climate, leaving you some space to enjoy the hot weather too.

If you are renovating a bathroom, you can get it renovated in the winter. This is because bathroom renovations are pretty simple and do not require the kind of work that would be affected much by the cold. Also, during winter, it will come at a cheaper price since the demand for home renovations is lower during this time. So, after the peak of the festive season, contact your renovation contractors and set things in motion for a bathroom renovation.

If you are getting your kitchen renovated, then you would want to consider the ideal time based on when you can take a long break from cooking. This time commonly occurs during summer when you can take a vacation with family. However, some people vacation longer in the winter, so if you are one of those, winter may be the best time for this type of renovation. Depending upon the extent of renovation required, the kitchen could be tied up for several weeks before you can reuse it, so plan accordingly.

As clear from the examples above, there is no one right time to get your house renovated. The decision varies on various factors, each of which holds different importance for different families and people. The ideal time based on necessity versus luxury also significantly determines the best time for you. So narrow down your objectives and aspirations to find out what is the best time for YOU to get the renovation tasks done.

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